Parent Leadership Council
What is PLC?
The Parent Leadership Council is an organization composed of at least 51% parents of the (LEP) students.
Limited English Proficient students are students who are enrolled in ESOL (English for
speakers of other languages). All parents of LEP students are invited to be members of this
council as well as our PTA and SAC.
The Parent leadership Council is established at the beginning of the school year and meets four
times per year. The chairman of the PLC represents the school at the regional area PLC
The purpose of the PLC is to encourage parental involvement and participation in the LEP’s
programming and academic achievement. The PLC sponsors an annual luncheon for the faculty
of Moss Park Elementary.
We work hard to have a faculty representative on the PLC who speaks the predominant
language of the majority LEP population of the school.
We encourage you to become a member of the Parent Leadership Council. We need your ideas,
suggestions and participation.
Contact Information
Moss Park Elementary
9301 North Shore Golf Club Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32832