Digital Learning

Moss Park Elementary is a digital one to one school.  Students in all grades will receive a digital device (K-2- iPads, and 3-5 Laptop) in order to enhance their instruction. As part of the Curriculum and Digital Learning department, Digital learning focuses on supporting students, teachers, and parents with the purposeful use of digital instructional resources. Digital learning combines technology, digital content, and instruction to strengthen a student's learning experience.

Parents/Guardians/Students are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if the digital device is:

- accidentally damaged,
- intentionally damaged,
- damaged due to negligence,
- lost due to negligence,
- not returned at the end of the year or upon withdrawal, and/or
- stolen but not reported to local law enforcement

Students are made aware that damage of any school property is a violation of the OCPS Code of Student Conduct when they review it annually. 
You can learn more about OCPS' Digital Initiative by visiting here