School Advisory Council

What is SAC?

Every school in Florida must have a School Advisory Council (SAC). The council consists of teachers, parents, administrators and community members.

The SAC must be representative of the school's community, so the racial/ethnic makeup of the SAC must reflect the racial/ethnic makeup of the student population. The purpose of the SAC is to:

Assist the principal in developing and evaluating the School Improvement Plan.

Decide how funds for school improvement will be spent.

Assist in prioritizing the needs of the school.

Assist in developing strategies to improve the areas of need.

Select and/or develop long-range objectives.

Assist in the preparation of the annual school budget

SAC Member Responsibilities

Members of SAC are expected to:

Work with parents, staff, administrators and other community representatives to assist in the development of the School Improvement Plan to improve the performance of all students.

Participate in regularly scheduled SAC meetings.

Participate in activities and training related to learning about the school improvement process.

Participate in efforts to encourage support for the goals of the school.

Meeting Schedule:

SAC Meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Media Center.

If you would like additional information about SAC, contact Dr. Osmond at [email protected]

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SAC Chairperson: Amy Supple